Fernandito Ferrer brings the Nueva Trova vibe into the twenty first century.  His multi-layered live sampling, percussive guitar work, and soulful vocals combine with deep lyrics for a very powerful performance that is truly mesmerising.



In a Long Beach, N.Y., room, Fernandito Ferrer conjures an ocean at night. It takes about two minutes for the singer to begin his song. He begins by building a soundscape of late-evening ocean noises using a shaker, his whistling, a spring and a looped pad. "Al Nivel Del Mar" ("At Sea Level") is an achingly beautiful song that sounds like loss and hope all at once. Ferrer has a captivating voice (which he's paired here with a perfect slapback reverb), and he accompanies himself with tastefully minimal guitar work and the occasional sample of a broadcast voice. It's a performance that's both atmospheric and urgent — vast beyond the walls of that room, deep as an ocean. —BNH

© 2018 by Fernandito Ferrer