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In a Long Beach, N.Y., room, Fernandito Ferrer conjures an ocean at night. It takes about two minutes for the singer to begin his song. He begins by building a soundscape of late-evening ocean noises using a shaker, his whistling, a spring and a looped pad. "Al Nivel Del Mar" ("At Sea Level") is an achingly beautiful song that sounds like loss and hope all at once. Ferrer has a captivating voice (which he's paired here with a perfect slapback reverb), and he accompanies himself with tastefully minimal guitar work and the occasional sample of a broadcast voice. It's a performance that's both atmospheric and urgent — vast beyond the walls of that room, deep as an ocean. —BNH

Don’t Call It A Comeback: An Interview With Musician Fernandito Ferrer - Centro Voices e-magazine

“I had no idea of the amount of connections I had in New’s like reaping the benefits of ten years worth of work,” says singer-songwriter Fernandito Ferrer on his recent move to the city.

The cosecha is already opening doors. Just last month, Fania Records released the second of two videos which feature Fernandito performing two classic covers as part of their new series, ‘The Bushwick Sessions.’

(Check out his version of “Mi gente” by Héctor Lavoe here and watch him perform “Las caras lindas” by Ismael Rivera here).

It’s the kind of opportunity that might have eluded him in the past. The San German native has made a lot of connections over the years, often passing through New York on his way to other parts of the country. But as even he admits, it’s hard to stay in touch with the right people when you aren’t around enough: “You spend a week here and then you have to go.”


Fernando Ferrer - Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular

El movimiento de la Nueva Canción Puertorriqueña permanecerá vigente mientras surjan exponentes de la categoría de Fernando Ferrer. Porque aun sin contar con el respaldo de una compañía discográfica ni de los medios de exposición masiva, ha sido capaz de desarrollar una actividad artística constante e interesante.


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